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Black Friday Shopping Takes Economy’s Temperature

Posted by Nancy on November 27, 2009

It looks like the economy has the flu.

When stores open at 4:00 a.m. on Black Friday and you don’t go shopping until after noon, and still find advertised Door Buster Specials waiting to be bought, you know this isn’t looking like a good year for retailers.

When you read about stores running specials on diapers and socks for Black Friday sales, you know this isn’t looking like a good year for retailers.

When it’s easy to find a parking space at your favorite outlet on Black Friday, you know this isn’t looking like a good year for retailers.

When today’s business news tells how real estate development in Dubai was built on an imploding land bubble and they are asking for a six-month moratorium on debt repayment, causing worldwide markets to quake, you know this isn’t looking like a good year for retailers.

When the President’s economic policies are all anti-recovery and anti-job creation, you know this isn’t looking like a good year for retailers.

In fact, it’s looking like this won’t be a good year for many of us.


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Vampires and Violet

Posted by Nancy on May 28, 2008

Last night’s township meeting was grueling and didn’t end till almost 10:00 o’clock.  I went home and packed, left for Doug’s and got here at almost midnight.  Bleah! 

Only one more week of this routine, then a week in Utah leading up to the wedding, then I will come visit at my convenience, not because I am needed here by 7:30 a.m. every Wednesday.

I had two goals for while I am here this week – read Eclipse, the third Stephenie Meyer book, and find a dress for the wedding.  The bride’s colors are white and lavender, which I am loosely interpreting as violet, so my day has included reading about vampires and looking for a violet dress.

Z~ and I went to the mall late this morning and were there less than one minute when I spied the perfect dress – for her.  She tried it on and it was even a perfect fit.  And it was on sale.  The stars were aligning so we bought it.  She is thrilled.  We had lunch at the food court, which is always the highlight of a shopping trip, then went looking for a dress for me.  I don’t do this often and it was actually enjoyable.

Lolly’s first request was that I wear white which was then expanded to include lavender, but short of sundresses and prom dresses I didn’t find anything in white.  I was a little luckier with the lavender shades, but still nothing appropriate that fit.  Fortunately, she did mention cream and green too, then said I can wear whatever I want.  I found a light green suit that I think will work mighty fine, and will get Doug’s approval on it when he gets home.  I think I will keep it either way, as I really like it and it was even on sale.

A stop on the way home to get my hair cut pretty much completed preparations for the wedding.  I can’t wait to go out there and meet the bride’s family and have a nice vacation with Bud.

Back to the vampires, I started Eclipse this morning and am on page 175; I hope to finish it this evening, but going to S~’s orchestra concert might make that difficult.  The book builds well off the others and is an easy read, so is worth the effort.  I can see how teenage girls would get twitterpated over the series.

Ah, well.  I will just enjoy the book – after I fix dinner.


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