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Rubio Calls Out Dems

Posted by Nancy on July 31, 2011

822 days without a budget proposal, then pressure the Republicans at the last minute knowing the media will support whatever the Democrats do.

Rubio nails it.  There’s nothing more to say.


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Obama’s Friends March in California

Posted by Nancy on May 7, 2011

Former SEIU president Andy Stern has visited the White House more than any other person since the president took office, so they must have some common interests.  What could they be, and what has the SEIU been up to lately? 

Why, marching with Communists, or course.

Those on the left used to become outraged at the mere mention of the socialist/communist affiliations of friends of Obama’s administration, but now they seem to be flaunting it. Here the Communists and union members (SEIU, AFL-CIO, and teachers) are chanting “Legalization or Revolution.”

There are more pictures and videos of the event at Pajamas Media, which links to a full-length photo essay at Ringo’s Pictures.

How about that extensive coverage of this event by the Main Stream Media?  Hmm, I must have missed that.

Nothing to see here, move along.  But don’t be surprised if demonstrations proliferate this summer and boil over next year before the election.  That’s what community organizers excel at, after all.

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Planned Parenthood And Underage Prostitutes

Posted by Nancy on February 2, 2011


Does this make you as mad as it makes me?

Does it surprise you? Do you suppose it is isolated to only one office?

Remember, Planned Parenthood receives over $300 million per year in taxpayer dollars to provide “family planning services.”


A second video has surfaced, this one from Virginia. After the first video became public the national headquarters of Planned Parenthood fired the worker involved and contacted the FBI. Has there been any reporting to authorities about the criminal behavior outlined in this one?

$300 million per year in taxpayer dollars for this.

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Dr. Kermit Gosnell, Keeping Abortion Safe and Legal

Posted by Nancy on January 19, 2011

A Grand Jury in Philadelphia has released its report and recommendations on Dr. Kermit Gosnell, abortionist.  You can read it here, but it comes with a strong warning – it is not for the squeamish or faint of heart.  Here is how it begins:

This case is about a doctor who killed babies and endangered women.  What we mean is that he regularly and illegally delivered live, viable babies in the third trimester of pregnancy – and then murdered these newborns by severing their spinal cords with scissors.  The medical practice by which he carried out this business was a filthy fraud in which he overdosed his patients with dangerous drugs, spread venereal disease among them with infected instruments, perforated their wombs and bowels – and, on at least two occasions, caused their deaths.  Philadelphia Grand Jury Report, p.1

It then goes into detail.  Over 250 pages of detail if you count the charges recommended by the jury .

Dr. Gosnell’s practice may have been a “filthy fraud,” but it was lucrative; one year he earned over $1.5 million.  Specializing in late term abortions that other doctors would not do, he set up his practice relying on the actions of unqualified employees in his absence.  It was they who administered the drugs to induce labor and the drugs to sedate patients into a stupor, while he showed up many hours later to complete the abortions.

Sometimes babies did not deliver and had to be removed by the doctor, with calamitous results.  In one instance Dr. Gosnell tore a patient’s cervix and colon and doctors in a hospital had to remove almost half a foot of her intestines.  In another he perforated a 19-year-old’s uterus requiring a hysterectomy.  He sent another patient home with fetal parts remaining insider her, and she was near death by the time she was admitted to the hospital.  Yet no one investigated Kermit Gosnell.

Pennsylvania is not a third-world country.  There were several oversight agencies that stumbled upon and should have shut down Kermit Gosnell long ago.  But none of them did, not even after Karnamaya Mongar’s death*.  In the end, Gosnell was only caught by accident, when police raided his offices to seize evidence of his illegal prescription selling.  Once law enforcement agents went in, they couldn’t help noticing the disgusting conditions, the dazed patients, the discarded fetuses.  That is why the complete regulatory collapse that occurred here is so inexcusable.  It should have taken only one look.  Philadelphia Grand Jury Report, p.8

The reason for that “complete regulatory collapse” is the politics of abortion.  In 1993 Pennsylvania stopped all inspections of abortion clinics so as not to put any barriers in the way of a woman’s right to have an abortion.  Once law enforcement agents became involved with the doctor and the press took notice the Department of Health suddenly discarded that philosophy and shut the clinic down within a week.

The Grand Jury Report recommends Kermit Gosnell be charged with seven counts of murder, two counts of infancticide, and numerous counts of other crimes, while regretting that he cannot be charged for the innumerable unproven murders staffers say they witnessed at his hands.

Four of his staffers are also being charged, most for committing murder at the clinic in the same manner he taught them.

Officials from the Pennsylvania Department of Health have now “lawyered up” with attorneys from a high priced law firm.  At taxpayer expense, of course.

*  When Karnamay Mongar stopped breathing on Dr. Gosnell’s operating table, likely from an overdose of Demerol, his staff eventually called paramedics who transported her to a hospital where she was declared dead.  No one investigated the doctor or his clinic, and he continued performing abortions.

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Guess I’m Not An Average Elected Official

Posted by Nancy on January 15, 2011

What an interesting article, and what a dismaying result it shows.

For five years now, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute has been conducting a national survey to gauge the quality of civic education in the country. We’ve surveyed more than 30,000 Americans, most of them college students, but also a random sample of adults from all educational and demographic backgrounds.

Included in the adult sample was a small subset of Americans (165 in all) who, when asked, identified themselves as having been “successfully elected to government office at least once in their life” — which can include federal, state or local offices.

And those dismaying results are that the general public scores 5% higher on the test than those who have been elected to office at least once in their lifetime.  Of course, 54% as opposed to 49% still isn’t good.  Can you do better?

To read the entire article and take the quiz yourself click here.

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Our Coming Medical “Benefits”

Posted by Nancy on November 6, 2010

This is from a campaign event for the 2010 opponent of John Dingell. The 84 year old Dingell won – again.

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And People Wonder Why I Don’t Want the Government In Charge of My Health Care

Posted by E. on September 1, 2010

First, I have to say that I don’t send my children to government schools (aka public schools), so you may think this shouldn’t matter to me.  But it does.  It does matter.  It matters because it is just another example of the crap you get when you put the government in charge of some program – any program.

“And what,” you ask, “is the crap to which you refer now?”

Doughnuts.  Doughnuts for breakfast.

Today’s mail brought a full-color, magazine-type mailer from our local government school district that talked about all the recent goings on, new things for this year, and reasons for which the administrators should all break their arms patting themselves on the back.

One of these reasons is their “universal breakfast program” which is being expanded, on a trial basis, to the high school.  Apparently they’ve been feeding their elementary and middle school students free garbage since the 2008-09 school year.  The district’s Director of Dining Services said, “We know that a nutritious breakfast increases our students’ ability to learn.”

Why then, I ask, does your “cold breakfast” include the option of doughnuts?  In what universe is that considered nutritious?

Specifically, the article in the mailer says a cold breakfast includes: milk, two breads, or one bread and one protein, along with fresh fruit or 100% fruit juice.  It further explains that a serving of cereal or a donut is equal to one bread, a bagel equals two breads, string cheese or yogurt is equal to one protein, a breakfast sandwich is one bread and one protein, and the ever-nutritious peanut butter and jelly wafer (what is that, even?) equals one bread and one protein.

And how many sugars?  Hmmmmm?  How many sugars does each one of those things equal?  I’ll tell you:  a boatload.

So, assuming kids go for the cold breakfast (I won’t bore you with the details of the hot breakfast option, but it couldn’t be more processed and carb laden were it made with the Mr. Wizard Science Kit: AP Version, rolled in a mountain of white flour, and deep fried in a vat of MSG) . . . so assuming kids go for the cold breakfast option, what do you suppose they are going to get?  My bet is on:  milk, two doughnuts and the required juice or fruit, which will wind up in the trash.

The fruit/juice will wind up in the trash because by the time they’ve downed the milk and doughnuts (we all know milk goes much better with doughnuts than juice) their blood sugar levels will have spiked to the point that the idea of fruit/juice makes them want to hurl.

And then?  You’ll have a lot of grumpy second period teachers.  Because?  That is when everyone’s blood sugar will crash and all those students stuffed full of their United States Department of Agriculture subsidized doughnuts will go to sleep.

And people wonder why I don’t want the government in charge of my health care.  They can’t even figure out what “nutritious” means.

Although, I suppose, they are guaranteeing themselves a crapload of future patients.

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Rethinking Earth Day

Posted by Nancy on April 22, 2010

It seemed so benign at first – celebate Mother Earth, teach the children not to litter, work for clean air and water……..

How did we get to an anthropogenic global warming scam, eco-thugs, and attempted takeover of our economy? 

Is there a reason those behind the first Earth Day chose to celebrate it on the 100th anniversary of the birth of that great Marxist, Vladimir Lenin?

As the saying goes, there are no coincidences.

During that first Earth Day man was proclaimed the polluter and would remain as such for subsequent observances that decade.  By the Eighties the event’s organizers cast man as the tree killer, and, with the Nineties, man evolved into the animal species annihilator.  The global warming scare never really became popular until the late Nineties, and when it did, it provided a hook that the compatriots at the Earth Day headquarters could hang their red berets on.  Known as anthropogenic global warming, it was a sexy sell: humans-particularly Americans-were now screwing up the entire planet’s weather.  By 2000 Earth Day organizers took ownership of this new angle and would never let go.  Sussman

Brian Sussman’s very interesting article is instructive on the agenda behind eco-movers, and why the House-passed cap and trade tax has less to do with saving the environment than it does with income redistribution.  The American Clean Energy and Security Act, scheduled for discussion in the Senate the day after Sunday’s Earth Day celebrations, shows the movement’s true agenda. 

For example, buried on pages 1014-1016 of the bill is the “Monthly Energy Refund.” According to this trick, for those with a gross income that “does not exceed 150 percent of the poverty line … a direct deposit” of an undisclosed amount of money will be sent “into the eligible household’s designated bank account[.]
On pages 502-503 we find the “Low Income Community Energy Efficiency Program,” whereby grants will be issued “to increase the flow of capital and benefits to low income communities, minority-owned and woman-owned businesses and entrepreneurs[.]”
Further proving that this is actually a welfare scheme, on page 973 we discover that for workers who lose their manufacturing jobs because the caps on their companies are too repressive and their employer either has to shut down or move operations to the third world to avoid regulation, the “adversely affected worker” shall receive 70 percent of his prior weekly wage, “payable for a period not longer than 156 weeks.” In addition, on pages 986-987 we read that the unemployed worker can submit up to $1,500 in job search reimbursements and get another $1,500 to cover his moving expenses.
And then there are the new federally mandated building codes, which will supersede local rules and regulations. The new codes will be enforced by what I refer to in Climategate as a “green goon squad.” On pages 319-324 of the House bill we read that the Secretary of Energy “shall enhance compliance by conducting training and education of builders and other professionals in the jurisdiction concerning the national energy efficiency building code.”  These EPA badge-wearing G-Men will be funded through global warming revenues procured through the cap-and-trade scheme, as well as by $25 million designated annually from the Department of Energy “to provide necessary enforcement of a national energy efficiency building code[.]”

Kiss more of your freedom goodbye if this bill passes.  Meanwhile, teach your children not to blindly believe all the eco-babble they bring home from school about loving Mother Earth and saving the environment.

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Oh My Word!

Posted by Nancy on April 1, 2010

Literacy tests for the purpose of voting were outlawed years ago, but it might be a good idea to institute them for those running for office.

One of the esteemed Democratic representatives who voted to give us the healthcare abomination is so scientifically inept he is afraid adding more people to the island of Guam will cause it to tip over and capsize.

Meet Hank Johnson, D-GA.

Can you imagine the field day the dinosaur media would have had if this had been said by a Republican?

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A Long Post: The Complete List of Obama Statement Expiration Dates – Jim Geraghty

Posted by liloladenvers on March 30, 2010

This read will take awhile, but is definitely worth it! 

A Long Post: The Complete List of Obama Statement Expiration Dates – Jim Geraghty.

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