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Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes

Posted by Nancy on July 21, 2008


It has been five days since I did any work in the garden, so the cool of the evening seemed the perfect time to go do a little weeding.  Unfortunately, the mosquitos thought it was a good time to visit the garden too, those crepuscular* little critters. 

I barely escaped with my life, and not from the mosquitoes. 

Does anyone else remember that cult classic,  Attack_of_the_Killer_Tomatoes?   It was a 1978 parody where tomatoes rise up and attack innocent people.  I think that’s what’s going on in my garden right now. 

In the movie the world is saved when they corner the tomatoes in a stadium and play a knock-off of Donny Osmond’s Puppy Love, causing the tomatoes to shrink in horror while the people step on them and squash them. 

I’m not sure if the tomatoes in my garden will be conquered that easily.

This picture of C~ and W~ looking at my tomato plants was taken six days ago:


Now they (the plants, not the kids) are almost as tall as I am.  I have never seen such robust plants; they have some tomatoes and a plethora of blooms on them too.  I don’t know how I will ever harvest them as they ripen (especially important with the cherry tomatoes) because I can’t begin to get in among them.  I can’t even see in among them. 

And yes, they are in cages, all twelve of them, for all the good that is doing.

I suspect it must be a result of global warming.  Oh, wait.  Temperatures have been well below normal all year and have only recently felt like summer weather.  But global warming might be the cause of all the rain we have been having, which could explain why the plants are growing so tall.

Then again, maybe it’s the big bag of fertilizer Bud tilled into the soil before I planted this year.

I picked some summer squash and hot peppers, but the bell pepper plants are looking pretty sorry and have no fruit on them.  I suspect either fusarium or verticilium wilt, but have never had problems with either before and cannot identify them with a certainty.  Doesn’t matter, since there is nothing you can do for it anyway.


I can’t find the zuccini squash plants for all the butternut squash vines. The butternuts are taking over the garden and I ended up taking scissors down and cutting the vines back to keep them away from the peppers.  Next time I may need a machete.  The cucumbers are nearly ready for picking, and the pole beans are finally taking off.

The garden is pretty clean and relatively weed free, considering all the rain we have had.  Of course with all the tomato and squash leaves the weeds don’t have a chance to find sunlight.

*This word is for cousin Gay and my children, some of whom love to collect words as much as I do and maybe already know it.


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