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Dear Washington State Conservatives…

Posted by necessarygrace on June 29, 2012

What’s the DEAL?

I move back after four years in a “purple” state only to find that while on the one hand, the Republican Attorney General, Rob McKenna, seems to have a real shot at the governorship (if the Dems don’t steal it again), on the other hand, the local Republican party has all but given up any hope of unseating Maria Cantwell. WHY?

I know, I’m late to the game. But after yesterday’s nightmare of a court decision, I’m playing some serious catch up. Apparently the R’s had a “hard time” finding someone to run, at first. But good news! Michael Baumgartner stepped up. And while I’m pretty much only judging from his website and the info in the online voters pamphlet, he’s seems really good. Seriously. The guy has major boni fides for this job.

* A Masters of Public Administration in International Development from Harvard in 2002

* Economics Officer at the US Embassy in Iraq working in the Office of Joint Strategic Planning & Assessment in 2007-2008

* Embedded Advisor to an Afghan Counternarcotics Team in Helmand Province (2008-2009).

* Serving in the WA State legislature, on the Ways and Means Committee, the Higher Education Committee, and as Ranking Member on the Economic Development Committee (2011)

He knows economics and he knows foreign policy. Which in my book puts him way ahead of where Obama stood back in ’08. And on top of that, he’s promised to vote to repeal Obamacare. So what’s up with the pathetically lame fundraising? And why did I have to work so hard to find this guy online? Why one earth isn’t his website linked on every local Republican and Conservative blog and website? C’mon Washingtonians, at least PRETEND to make an effort!

This 2012 election isn’t just about the President. I mean, yes, obviously, let’s do everything we can to kick Obama to the curb. But let’s not fool ourselves… Romney is not a card carrying Conservative. And even if he were, there’s not a heck of a lot he can do without majorities in the House and Senate. “All politics is local” … in this case that means, if you want to get the federal governments boot off your neck, you need to make a real genuine effort to elect Conservative Republican congressman AND senators.

If you are sick and tired of the same two liberal women representing Washington in the Senate year after year (after year…) – DO SOMETHING. Volunteer. Contribute. Find Michael Baumgartner on FB, like him and send the link to all your friends.

And if you are not from Washington? Insert {Your State’s Name Here} and do the same! (And while you’re at it, if you could say a little prayer that WA state voters will finally come to their senses, well, I’d really appreciate it. If the last 3+ years of insanity haven’t woken them up, I don’t know what ever will.)


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