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Are You Following Breitbart?

Posted by necessarygrace on September 21, 2009

When filmmaker and provocateur James O’Keefe came to my office to show me the video of him and his friend, Hannah Giles, going to the Baltimore offices of ACORN – the nation’s foremost “community organizers” – dressed as a pimp and a prostitute and asking for – and getting – help for various illegal activities, he sought my advice.

Breitbart is the genius behind the release of the Acorn sting tapes… and apparently a whole lot more. According to his website, Big Hollywood another big story will be coming out at noon today. I for one will be glued to my computer, because if there’s one thing Andrew Breitbart has shown in the last week or so, it’s this: In the age of the internet, it doesn’t matter how many network execs and newspapers Obama has in his pocket, so long as there are real journalists left in the world, the truth will come out.

(For more hints about today’s big story, read his post, Pregame Report: The NEA Conference Call.)


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