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Rubio Calls Out Dems

Posted by Nancy on July 31, 2011

822 days without a budget proposal, then pressure the Republicans at the last minute knowing the media will support whatever the Democrats do.

Rubio nails it.  There’s nothing more to say.


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Here’s to You, Mr Jefferson

Posted by liloladenvers on September 27, 2010

I don’t know anything about the sponsoring organization, but love the video!

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And People Wonder Why I Don’t Want the Government In Charge of My Health Care

Posted by E. on September 1, 2010

First, I have to say that I don’t send my children to government schools (aka public schools), so you may think this shouldn’t matter to me.  But it does.  It does matter.  It matters because it is just another example of the crap you get when you put the government in charge of some program – any program.

“And what,” you ask, “is the crap to which you refer now?”

Doughnuts.  Doughnuts for breakfast.

Today’s mail brought a full-color, magazine-type mailer from our local government school district that talked about all the recent goings on, new things for this year, and reasons for which the administrators should all break their arms patting themselves on the back.

One of these reasons is their “universal breakfast program” which is being expanded, on a trial basis, to the high school.  Apparently they’ve been feeding their elementary and middle school students free garbage since the 2008-09 school year.  The district’s Director of Dining Services said, “We know that a nutritious breakfast increases our students’ ability to learn.”

Why then, I ask, does your “cold breakfast” include the option of doughnuts?  In what universe is that considered nutritious?

Specifically, the article in the mailer says a cold breakfast includes: milk, two breads, or one bread and one protein, along with fresh fruit or 100% fruit juice.  It further explains that a serving of cereal or a donut is equal to one bread, a bagel equals two breads, string cheese or yogurt is equal to one protein, a breakfast sandwich is one bread and one protein, and the ever-nutritious peanut butter and jelly wafer (what is that, even?) equals one bread and one protein.

And how many sugars?  Hmmmmm?  How many sugars does each one of those things equal?  I’ll tell you:  a boatload.

So, assuming kids go for the cold breakfast (I won’t bore you with the details of the hot breakfast option, but it couldn’t be more processed and carb laden were it made with the Mr. Wizard Science Kit: AP Version, rolled in a mountain of white flour, and deep fried in a vat of MSG) . . . so assuming kids go for the cold breakfast option, what do you suppose they are going to get?  My bet is on:  milk, two doughnuts and the required juice or fruit, which will wind up in the trash.

The fruit/juice will wind up in the trash because by the time they’ve downed the milk and doughnuts (we all know milk goes much better with doughnuts than juice) their blood sugar levels will have spiked to the point that the idea of fruit/juice makes them want to hurl.

And then?  You’ll have a lot of grumpy second period teachers.  Because?  That is when everyone’s blood sugar will crash and all those students stuffed full of their United States Department of Agriculture subsidized doughnuts will go to sleep.

And people wonder why I don’t want the government in charge of my health care.  They can’t even figure out what “nutritious” means.

Although, I suppose, they are guaranteeing themselves a crapload of future patients.

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Oh My Word!

Posted by Nancy on April 1, 2010

Literacy tests for the purpose of voting were outlawed years ago, but it might be a good idea to institute them for those running for office.

One of the esteemed Democratic representatives who voted to give us the healthcare abomination is so scientifically inept he is afraid adding more people to the island of Guam will cause it to tip over and capsize.

Meet Hank Johnson, D-GA.

Can you imagine the field day the dinosaur media would have had if this had been said by a Republican?

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A Long Post: The Complete List of Obama Statement Expiration Dates – Jim Geraghty

Posted by liloladenvers on March 30, 2010

This read will take awhile, but is definitely worth it! 

A Long Post: The Complete List of Obama Statement Expiration Dates – Jim Geraghty.

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Look at the Leftists’ Promises

Posted by Nancy on March 15, 2010

Then compare them to Detroit, the perfect laboratory for showing what their promises bring. 

In a little over half a century this once-great city, with the highest per capita income of any major city in the country, has been reduced to ruins.

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Ethics? What’s that?

Posted by liloladenvers on January 1, 2010

How many ethics violations will it take.  We know that Timothy Geithner was so essential to the nation’s economy that his crime (tax evasion) had to be whitewashed then overlooked.  There are other examples, and now we have a new one. 

John Brennan is the president’s special assistant for counter terrorism.

The White House official leading the interagency review into the U.S. terrorist watch list system that contributed to a near-catastrophe on Christmas Day used to head a company that provides critical analysis to those who create the watch list.

But the White House has reviewed the situation and they must be right; they’re lawyers!

White House attorneys reviewed whether Mr. Brennan would be violating ethics rules by conducting the review of watch lists in light of his previous position and determined that the benefit to the public interest of having Mr. Brennan conduct the review far outweighed any potential conflict of interest.

How many times did we hear Haliburton screamed from the rafters by the Dems?  How many times did they claim a culture of corruption in the Bush White House?

Hypocrites is the mildest term I can use!  Read the full story here.

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Reform? Right.

Posted by liloladenvers on December 21, 2009

This is how I feel today, almost.  I”m not alone, 60% of the people in this country are with me, but the tanks of Congress keep rolling over us with the healthcare bill.  The Dems in the Senate who disagreed with some portion of the bill have been bought and paid for.  They let their voicemail boxes stay full so they wouldn’t have to listen to any more protests.  They ignored the emails flooding in, the turned a blind eye to the protesters outside and the constituents inside their office building pleading with them to stop.  There is no crisis that can be stayed by passage before Christmas, there is nothing, NOTHING, in the bill that will give more affordable, easier to obtain health care to anyone in the next three years.

So, I am dressed all in black today, head to toe.  In mourning ( I hope prematurely) for our country, our flag and our way of life.  Too many bills denying our freedoms, the greatest of which is this garbage filled health care bill.

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Wag The Dog

Posted by E. on December 2, 2009

So yesterday General Motor’s CEO Fritz Henderson quietly resigned. Did you know that?

Yeah, it’s been pretty quiet.

So far I’ve only found four or five articles about it on all of the internet.  I’m sure by the time anyone reads this little blog post there will be more media coverage, but still . . .

I thought it was bad enough that TelePrompTer Jesus pre-empted A Charlie Brown Christmas, but now I’m thinking the timing was even more nefarious than depriving America of a time-honored Christmas tradition.  Because?  Today all anybody is talking about are the 30,000 troops that will be sent to Afghanistan, and almost nobody but nobody is talking about the fact that the CEO of a company was “allowed to step down” and replaced by Edward Whitacre, Jr., the man Obama hand picked to be the chairman of GM’s board of directors.

But that’s all just coincidence, right?  One big coincidence that the man Obama picked to chair the board of GM got to take the place of the CEO.  One big coincidence that everybody else on the board felt he was qualified to take that job, despite the fact that he had no auto industry experience prior to being tapped by The Chosen One for that chairman gig.  Just a big ol’ coincidence that Obama, who supposedly has better things to do than run an auto company, was all over television last night making sure everybody’s attention would be focused on our soldiers and Afghanistan today, despite the fact that we all knew it was coming anyway.

Poor Bo.  His motion sickness must be killer.

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The Dole

Posted by liloladenvers on November 15, 2009

Everything goes back to music for me; there is a song for every situation.  And I finally found one that explains the “moocher” class that has grown in this country.  Welfare, foodstamps, Medicaid, affirmative action, WIC, government cheese.  All seems to be beneficial, they are helping out the disadvantaged, the unfortunate, until they can get back on their feet.

But that isn’t the way it works.  What really happens is that they are stuck, bound, chained into a life of dependence.  It’s a life from which they cannot escape and that they believe they deserve.

How do they get out of the chains that bind them?  It’s very difficult, especially if their dependence has been going on for years, even generations.  We help people with other addictions.  There are 12-step programs and interventions to get them out from under the monkey on their back.  But we are not doing anything to get them off the dole.  And they don’t see any way out.  Why?

They owe their souls to the company store.

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